The Eden Paradox

The Eden Paradox takes place in a post-WWIII Earth approaching environmental collapse, the UN replaced by a weak New World Alliance, most governments and Titan Corporations left licking their wounds a decade after the War which almost consumed the planet. Nuclear weapons and nano-tech have been banned, and a neo-fundamentalist poly-religion flourishes around the globe, its anarchic terrorist wing known as the Alicians counter-pointed by a gritty Interpol called the Chorazin. The Solar System has been explored but without much gain, and so all hopes are pinned on a move to a new home. Eden is found, and a way of getting there is all too conveniently discovered.

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In the second book, Eden’s Trial, now available on Kindle, humanity finds its way to Ourshiwann, a planet formerly vanquished by the Q’Roth who attacked Earth. But the genetically-enhanced Alicians are determined to eradicate their inferior human cousins, leading to a fierce battle and a terrible accident which splits the leadership of mankind’s refugees. One group travels towards the Grid, searching for allies, and so humanity gains the full attention of Grid Society, and is put on trial to determine if it is fit to survive or should be eradicated. The Alicians and their Q’Roth allies act as witnesses for the prosecution, and as mankind’s history is probed as evidence, the case doesn’t look good…

Eden's TrialEden’s Trial sees humanity reaching out into the galaxy where hundreds of other races co-exist in a harshly hierarchical arrangement based on level of intelligence, governed by the Tla Beth and policed by Rangers. Empathy and altruism are in short supply, and even basic human-alien communication is difficult. In the background, a sole human mutates and advances in intelligence. He foresees a galactic war coming, unlike any seen since the Progenitors came to our galaxy fifty million years ago. 

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Eden’s Revenge is due out end 2012, and takes place eighteen years after Eden’s Trial. A new generation of humans has been genetically advanced by the medic-race known as the Ossyrians, leading to deep social problems on Ourshiwann, antagonised by the indigenous spider population. One next-gen adult in particular, Gabriel, has been raised with a single purpose – to exact revenge on the Alicians. He steals a hunter-class vessel to track down Sister Esma, mankind’s Alician nemesis.

But the galactic war which began in book two has raged across the galaxy, the ruling Tla Beth failing to stem the onslaught of the invader Qorall and his cohorts. With the entire galaxy about to fall, the only capable counter-force appears to be the Q’Roth warriors; Gabriel must choose between savouring revenge, and uniting with a blood enemy for the sake of galactic survival. The final battle will arrive at Ourshiwann, seeing the return of the Kalarash found in book two, and revealing the true nature of the Hohash artefacts who first helped mankind in book one. To read the Prologue, click here

Eden's RevengeEden’s Revenge  pits humanity’s parochial problems against the larger frame of a galactic conflict which began in another galaxy two billion years earlier, after a battle which annihilated that entire galaxy. Qorall, like Gabriel, is bent on revenge at any cost. On the planet Esperia, where humanity has been under a protective quarantine for eighteen years, and all children have been genetically upgraded, the quarantine barrier is about to come down. Who is waiting outside, and how will a society divided between the 'genned' children and their estranged parents mount any kind of defence? 

Front cover of Eden's Endgame Eden’s Endgame.The battle between the Kalarash and Qorall for the entire galaxy rages on. Qorall has released a new weapon, the Orb, that seems unstoppable even by Kalaran, and the humans must go to extreme measures to rescue captives from the Alician homeworld. The final battle, for control of the galaxy, will be fought at Hell's End, where only one side will prevail, and where the secret of the Spiders is finally revealed...

The Complete Eden Paradox series in one single volume - all four books - follow Micah, Blake, Kat, Pierre and Louise on their non-stop, galaxy-quaking adventure!

The entire Eden Paradox series, all four books in one volume. From the discovery of a desperately needed new planet, Eden, to humanity's escape to the stars, to finding a new home on the planet Esperia, to fighting the galactic invader Qorall and the Machine species who will end all life... This is epic scifi, seen through the eyes of a handful of men and women trying to survive and hold onto their humanity in a hostile universe…




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