Science Fiction Stories

Diplomatic Solution finds Tomas, a diplomat, struggling to communicate with an alien species that has invaded and taken contorl of our oceans. But there is no commonn frame of reference, no basis for communication, until he has a startling idea... to read, click here

Executive decision takes place in humanity's 'Sphericon' future, around 500 years from now (same 'universe' as the Sylvian Gambit and The Sapper). Four super-intelligent people are called to a meeting. The galaxy is under attack from the inside, and there are only days left to save it. Within the hour they work out how to solve the problem, but at a very high price... to read, click here.

The Sapper takes place on a Sky City above Manhattan somewhere in Earth's future. The Sapper is a terrorist who has already brought down two Island cities, and Alexei Gregorovich is the Inspector in a race against time to prevent there being a third. But the Sapper is not using conventional weapons... click here

Escape from Hell is the sequel to Looking for Hell, and is set mainly in Hell, which isn't myth at all - it exists at the centre of the only white hole in the galaxy, and is actualy an alien-soul-processing factory. Watch our for more about the Anachreons and the Grindle, and Decker's nemesis. Published in Piker Press June 13. To read the story click here. 

Galactic Barrier is about a battle drone who has been corrupted by too much contact with 'organics', and is sent to observe an attempt by an ancient race from another galaxy (the Kalaheii) to penetrate our galactic barrier. A dizzying array of weapons and defences has been mounted, and he can't see how they can break through. But just as he reconnects with his lost drone lover, they do... This was originally a chapter in Eden's Trial, but it's so different from the rest of the book I've taken it out and made it into a short story. Good background though for Eden's Trial and Eden's Revenge. Published by Piker Press, to read the story, click here

The Sylvian Gambit was published in Issue 50 (March 2011) of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (ASIM). Venyova is the lone survivor from an attempted military incursion on a planet inhabited by telepathic aliens, the Sylvians. Twenty years later his military rulers, the Sphericon, have come back to ‘pacify’ the world. But Venyova has gone native, and vows to protect the Sylvians at any cost. But when his ex-wife appears on the scene, his plans go awry… To read the story, click here

Looking for Hell was published by Piker Press on February 21st 2011. It’s a darkly comic piece about one man’s desperate attempt to find hell, so he can send his worst enemy there – his father, who sold out humanity in exchange for immortality, and who is slowly killing off all his relatives. But does hell really exist, and if so, how do you get in? To read for free, click here

Trojan Dreams is a story of a woman who starts seeing someone asleep in her dreams. Her dreams become more lifelike, and the sleeper is getting closer to her home. Will she wake him up? What will happen when she does? Read it here on Piker Press.

Fiction (non-SF)

4:55 is a little 'out-of-genre' for me, and I was playing with a very different 'voice', but it was fun to write. A short short story about the life of a secretary with a difficult boss... Published on Piker Press, read it for free here

Conversation with a Superhero published online by Piker Press Jan 2012. What do you do when your city's superhero is depressed and getting drunk in a downtown bar? Someone has to go and talk to him, right? A humorous piece looking at what happens when superheroes are confronted with normal life's little challenges...

Writerholics Anonymous was first published by Piker Press in December 2010 and is a satire on the woes of being a wannabe writer. Jason is trying to give up writing as it has destroyed his marriage, and goes to a ‘Writerholics Anonymous’ meeting group. But as he studies the sad faces in the room, and reflects on the nine fences any writer has to overcome to be truly successful (knowing full well which one he fell at), he realises that as a non-writer his life has become a blank page… To read the full story, click here

No Diving. A diver turns up at a closed quarry with his dive gear. Sitting on a rock, he ponders the death of his buddy, lost in the hundred metre deep artificial lake. Never dive alone is the epithet of all divers, but he is very much alone, drowning in remorse. As he kits up and stares down at the placid chill waters, he knows the deeper he goes, the less chance there is of coming back… To read the full story click here

School Penna. A woman travelling on a slow-boat in India scorns her fellow travellers with their heads bowed to their I-Gods, listening to techno music instead of the screeches of birds and far cries of children yelling “school penna, school penna!” Why do these students bother to come here, she muses, when they only really see the country when back home hooked into Facebook? But when she finds herself alone in a village, desperately hot and pestered by a tuk-tuk driver, her own calm unravels… click here

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