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"Top science fiction Series"  "Best Science Fiction of the Year"  "This series just gets better and better"


The Finale, Eden's Endgame out on Amazon!

From start to finish Kirwan hits hard and doesn't let up. This is the bold conclusion the Eden Paradox series deserves! SF author Mike Formicelli

Stunning scifi action - Kirwan has saved the best till last! Screenwriter Gideon Roberton

I never wanted this series to end! Lydia Manx, Piker Press

The Eden Paradox  

A murder... A new planet mankind desperately needs... A thousand year old conspiracy... What really awaits us on Eden? Fifty years from now, a new planet is found which appears to be too good to be true, but two missions have failed to return. Blake and his crew lead the final attempt to bring back good news, but a hidden enemy aims first to prevent their arrival, and then to ensure they can never reveal what really lies in wait for us on Eden. Back on Earth, Eden mission analyst Micah Sanderson evades assassins and tries to work out who he can trust, in a race against time to unravel the Eden Paradox

The reader is pulled into an all too real future with memorable men and women leading the way. An excellent story, leaves the reader craving more." Lydia Manx, Piker Press (for full review, click here)

 "A well-written, action-packed, suspenseful novel, with scenes so film-like I felt I was watching a movie" Mayra Calvani

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Eden's Trial

Earth's survivors venture into a hostile galaxy where alien intelligence and weaponry rule. Can a deserted planet offer refuge, or will those bent on mankind's extermination finish the job? In a desperate search for allies in the galactic society known as The Grid, a crime leads to humanity being placed on trial for its very right to exist...
"A science fiction thriller with terrific images and revelations" SF author Gary Gibson
"Galaxy-bending Scifi!" Author & Screenwriter Gideon Roberton
"It's hard to put down... new worlds and enemies entwined as closely as lovers" Lydia Manx, Piker Press

 Available on Amazon


Eden's Revenge

Eighteen years after the flight from Eden, a war is tearing across the galaxy, drawing inexorably towards Esperia, where human society shelters under a Quarantine shield. But as tensions mount amongst the human population, and old and new enemies gather outside, one man decides to bring down the barrier early...  

"...Interesting characters and awe-inspiring aliens are swept up in an epic narrative, dramatised in vivid, lively prose." SF Aurthor Sophia McDougall (author of Savage City) 

"Masterful Science Fiction" Jacob Millican

"I've read ten SF series this year, and this one tops them all" Amazon reviewer

"This series just gets better and better" Amazon reviewer

Available on Amazon

Eden's Endgame

Galactic war rages. Qorall has unleashed a new weapon that is sweeping like wildfire across the galaxy. The Alicians have taken sixty human hostages back to their homeworld, Savange, and a small elite team is sent to infiltrate their fortress city to free them. Kalaran awakens an ancient race that almost destroyed the galaxy two million years earlier. The Spiders and the Hohash have decided to act...

This book is about ultimate stakes, and will test men, women and aliens beyond their limits. Heroes, worlds, and entire civilisations will fall...

This book is filled with action, adventure, tragedy, betrayal, and hope. This is where it all must end, and where the Eden Paradox finally comes full circle. 



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I've been distracted writing thrillers under a slight pseudonym - J F Kirwan - if youre interested, you can find them on Amazon and IBooks etc.: 66 Metres, and 37 Hours. One more to go then I'm back to writing Scifi with the novella 'When the children come

Endgame selling well, after a few spikes in Oz and US, fans happy with the ending, though not happy it has all ended!

First (5*) review of Eden's Endgame on Amazon

Eden's Endgame released on Amazon in paperback, kindle version due out 2nd Jan 2015

Eden's Endgame cover has arrived, the interior is finished, the reviews are done... It is coming soon!

Eden's Endgame is almost done now, it's with the proofers, then it goes to the publishers, in time to come out in ebook and paperback by Xmas!

Eden's Revenge is launched in paperback, available on Amazon! The final volume, Eden's Endgame is due out Spring 2014

One week after the launch of Eden's Revenge, all three books are in the top 100 space opera category in Amazon France! Eden's Revenge has been doing well in UK too!

EDEN'S REVENGE OUT ON AMAZON !!!!!!!!!! 30 April 2013

Trojan Dreams published yesterday (Jan 28 2013) on Piker Press. Read it for free here 

Both ebooks have been having a great time in the US Amazon charts, over 1500 sales in the past couple of weeks and still selling...

New Facebook page for all the books: search on Facebook for Eden Paradox

Paperback of Eden's Trial coming out September 2012!

Diplomatic Solution short story published on Piker Press June 25, read it for free here

Eden's Trial FREE for 3 days only on Amazon - 30 April - 2nd May!

Short story (not SF) 4:55 published online at Piker Press. Read it for free here

Book signing Saturday 3rd March, Waterstones, Camberley, 11-1pm All welcome!

Short story 'Conversation with a Superhero' published online in Pikers Press

Review of Eden's Trial in Piker Press

Eden's Trial is available on Kindle NOW

Short story Executive Decision published on Piker Press. I think it is one of my best...

Book 3 is underway, check blog 'Scifi Battle Scenes'! 

Book launch was a success! Sold 30 copies on the night and another ten the next couple of days. Book now going into WH Smith in Paris, and anounced internationally, see anynewbooks

Short Story School Penna now published in Piker Press. This ons is fiction (not scifi), about a woman travelling in India, and the heat is definitely getting to her... click here

OFFICIAL BOOK LAUNCH of the paperback version of The Eden Paradox will be on 15th October, 5pm, Royal Overseas League, London (behind the Ritz) - more details will follow soon...

The Sapper short story pubished today on Piker Press. A future terrotist plans to bring down one of ten fabled sky cities over Manhattan. Can Inspector Alexei Grgorovich stop him in time?

Eden's Trial, Part Two of the Eden Trilogy, due out 8th November on Ebook. Watch this space...

Fab review of The Eden Paradox by Lydia Manx of Piker Press, read here

Publication date for The Eden Paradox in paperback is October 15th, especially for all those who said they still craved the touch and feel of an actual book! Meanwhile, working on final edit for Book Two, Eden's Trial, due out before Xmas!

Short story Escape from Hell publishesd in Piker Press June 13. Sequel to Looking for Hell, find out the truth about hell, and where exactly it is. To read the story online for free, click here.

Signed a book contract yesterday with Summertime, a small press here in Paris. Paperback version of The Eden Paradox will be coming out in the Autumn. My favorite web designer Annie at DigitalPlot is helping me with a new cover design.

Galactic Barrier published on Piker Press, read the story here. A bit more 'hard' SF than normal! But it also contains a love story between two drones, and for those of you who've already read The Eden Paradox, there is mention of the Q'Roth, the Hohash, and the Tla Beth, the ruling alien race who will judge humanity in the sequel Eden's Trial, due out later this year...

Ebook got to number 58 today on Amazon.co.uk books/SF/mystery, must have sold a few copies all at once! Have started to plot Book 3. To get an insight, checkout Galactic Barrier on Piker Press on Monday evening (US time - see stories). 

Two new publication dates for two SF short stories: Galactic Barrier, May 16, and Escape from Hell (sequel to Looking for Hell) June 13. Watch this space. Third short story, Another Bloody Meeting out for review...

Short story and ex-chapter of Eden's Trial, Galactic Barrier has been accepted for publication mid-May in Piker Press. For those who have read The Eden Paradox, this one will give a taste of what is to come, mainly in the final book in the Eden Saga, Eden's Revenge.

Short story No Diving published today on Piker Press. It's about a scuba diver's survivor guilt, and how far it will take him... To read the full story click here

The Eden Paradox ranked number 59 today in Amazon.co.uk's sci-fi thrillers sales list! Check out new animated ad on Asimov's and Analogsf.com US websites.

Just sent two SF short stories to publishers: Galactic Barrier and Another Bloody Meeting, will let you know progress.

Read The Sylvian Gambit online - see Stories. New sample chapter from The Eden Paradox also available - see Books. The Sylvian Gambit short story is based in the 'Sphericon universe' and is published by Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (ASIM), volume 50. The entire volume (some great stories) is available at their website click here

Piker Press accepted my story No Diving for publication April 18th. SF stories Escape from Hell and The Meeting in hot pursuit, as well as Fiction story Pigs don't eat plastic [see Stories]. Editing Book Two of the Eden Saga, Eden's Trial, and I got a nice review on Amazon.com for The Eden Paradox.

Just been interviewed in depth by Laurel Zuckerman of Paris Writers - to see the interview click here

Got a very nice review on Amazon.co.uk - thanks Skippy! Have started review-editing Eden's Trial, the sequel to The Eden Paradox. Aiming for summer publication. Also working on four short stories in parallel, two SF, two fiction. 

Short Story Looking for Hell has just been published by Piker Press. It's a darkly comic SF piece - see Stories, or click here

The book is launched!!! The Eden Paradox is now available on Amazon.com (worldwide) and ampichellisebooks (US only). From Amazon it can be downloaded onto a Kindle or a Kindle application (free for Mac, PC, Ipad, IPhone etc.). To find it just search for The Eden Paradox or Barry Kirwan on Amazon.

Ampichellis e-Publishers was officially launched last week in Chicago by Robert Brown - the website is almost ready (14th Feb) and can be found at www.ampichellisebooks.com We're just sorting out the mechanics (I should say electronics!) of getting my book into various e-formats. Coming soon...  

Publishing date for short story 'Looking for Hell' is 21st February, www.pikerpress.com 

Short story 'The Sylvian Gambit' due out late Feb in Issue #50 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (see Stories)

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