Ossyria Prime

In Eden’s Trial, Pierre and Kat visit the Ossyrian homeworld. Ossyria Prime has been re-engineered into horizontal continents, for agriculture, technology, mining, etc. Each continental ‘slice’ rotates in the opposite direction to its neighbour, generating endless titanic power in the planet’s magnetic core. Pierre, a scientist, is in awe as they approach the planet-sized marble! [Thanks to artist Suman C]

Happy New Year (2024!) to all my readers

As New Year is just around the corner, here’s an Eden Paradox visual from artist Suman Chakraborty of the Ulysses crew, after a difficult voyage, finally approaching Eden, only to find there’s a desert where there shouldn’t be one… The entire crew begin to wonder if Kat’s nightmares are going to come true…

Happy 2024 everyone!

Just an update – the Eden Paradox series continues to sell well – not everyone’s cup of tea, but many go on to read all 4 books in the ‘trilogy’, and the Children of the Eye series also doing okay. Artwork below by John Harris was to be the front cover of a short story collection… One day…Illustration