I’ve not been blogging much lately as I’ve been writing a lot – which is a good thing. The third Nadia book is well on the way, I ‘m about halfway through, and thought I’d let people know a bit more about the book. First, it will be released on 14th December, though you can already pre-order it! HarperCollins have done their usual brilliant job on the cover design, which will be revealed on July 13th, at the end of the first UK Blog Tour for 66 Meters, and coinciding with the start of the US Blog Tour. So, as you can see, a lot is happening…

Back to the book. First, the byline:

This time she’ll track her nemesis to the ends of the Earth

Well, the photo kind of gives it away, as she ends up at the top of the world, as the title suggests, since 88 North is close to the North Pole. But a lot happens before then… Here’s the current blurb:

The world’s most-wanted terrorist is on the loose, and this time the threat is global. To stop him, Nadia infiltrates his organization, from the triads of Hong Kong, to the refugee-smugglers of Sudan, to the Mafia gangs running oil platforms in Sakhalin. But in the end, she must travel to the top of the world and confront her sworn enemy on the Arctic ice, where she will face a terrible choice.

What’s the terrible choice? Well, you’ll have to wait and see… But I’ve enjoyed writing this one so far, as I know Hong Kong pretty well, and have spent time on offshore installations in the North Sea. I’m in the middle of the Sudan part at the moment, which is a challenge. Although I’ve not been here, I’ve travelled extensively in the Middle East, in particular the desert by the Red Sea, which is where Nadia is right now. 

Okay, back to writing, because Nadia is in a world of trouble…

And if you want to pre-order it, the link is here