I fell asleep for 15 minutes, and woke up with this in my head. 

The Writer’s Manifesto

I, the undersigned writer, understand and accept the following ten conditions:

  • I will never be completely happy with my manuscript, because it always could have been just that little bit better.
  • Even though I write something great, it may never find a publisher, its due audience, or sell well.
  • It may not get the cover it deserves, or even one I like.
  • I may have to do most, if not all of my marketing, and spend large sums of money and inexhaustible time on social media with little sales impact.
  • I may get inexplicably bad reviews, from people who don’t seem to have read my book.
  • Despite putting in hundreds or even thousands of hours of effort, many people will complain that it costs more than 99 cents, or expect me to give them a free copy.
  • If I base characters on real people, even if I make them into superheroes, they may sue me.
  • If my book does sell well, the next one may flop.
  • I will keep on writing, despite all of the above, because I am a writer, and I simply have to write.
  • I am not alone, there are many like me, and we will always support each other.