A couple of days ago Nadia’s fate was set in stone, or at least in black and white ink, electronically speaking. It’s now being turned into an ebook ready for release on 14th December. Pre-sales are continuing nicely, and I’m preparing for the blog tour that starts on 11th December, where there will be a mixture of excerpts, guest blogs and a Q&A.

The big question everyone asks me is whether she dies at the end of the book, and so far only eight people know the answer. What those readers have all said is that it’s another page-turner (with more pages this time – it is longer than 66 Metres and 37 Hours), and the final third is relentless. But as any of my readers know, I don’t believe in writing ‘vanilla’ thrillers where there is no jeopardy, so as with the previous two books, there are casualties along the way.

Nadia and Jake have quite a journey, from Hong Kong, to Sudan, to Sakhalin, to Moscow, and finally to the Arctic where she must face Salamander on the ice.

Nadia’s personal journey is particularly tough this time (you’ll know why if you’ve read 37 Hours), but despite a few dark moments where she rages against what has happened to her, she puts her usual brave, stoic face on it, and brushes it all off with humour. 

There are surprises in the book, and betrayals, but also new characters, and Salamander himself, until now a spectre, comes into the light.

I ended the book on a slight up-note, more because I needed to as the author; not sure I’m as strong as Nadia… I’ve put my heart and soul into this one, and will take a bit of time off to recover before whatever comes next. In the meantime, if you do read it, I hope you enjoy Nadia’s final outing.


Coming 14th December. Pre-order here.