I’m halfway through the first blog tour for 66 Metres, and have to say it’s a great experience. Sixteen bloggers talking about my book over a week-long period, whether passing reviews, showing extracts from the book or, as in today, a guest blog about my (slightly scary) writing process.

What is amazing is the community of bloggers and readers who support all this by liking and retweeting on twitter, and I’m talking hundreds of tweets, so it generates a real buzz, which is definitely increasing awareness of the book and sales. 

The reviews are also honest, and are hovering around the 4/5 stars zone, but that’s okay, because every single one says something they really like about the book or the characters.

I’ll do a longer post when it’s all over, but for an example of a review, see here, and for an example of a guest blog, see here, one of my favourite personal blogs about my writing process.

Okay, back to writing, currently on chapter seventeen of 88 North, the third book in the series… I need another coffee…