37 Hours until…

The first blog tour for 37 Hours starts tomorrow, and I thought I’d better say something about the title, since people always ask me, and I usually reply, well, you have to read it… So, enough of being coy, here’s a rough outline.

First, although this is a sequel to 66 Metres, you can start with 37 Hours. It is more of a hardcore thriller than 66, and dare I say it leaner, in Jack Reacher (Lee Child) style. 

The story hinges around a nuclear warhead stolen from a hijacked Russian submarine, which Nadia, the heroine, has to dive.…

Why I wrote 37 Hours

I remember when the accident at Three Mile Island (TMI) happened. It was the first time anything major transpired with a nuclear power plant. At the time I was pro-nuclear – it was hailed as the way forward: clean, limitless energy. I’ve always had a fascination with science, and nuclear energy and space exploration seemed to be the pinnacle of our achievements: splitting the atom and putting men on the moon. But the honeymoon with nuclear was over.
The real storm hit with Chernobyl.